Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

-Antoine Lavoisier


About Creanada

Creanada is a boutique design and branding agency located in Abu Dhabi, offering its services to organizations in UAE and beyond. We deliver powerful, effective, and elegant solutions with a unique “Creanada” approach across all platforms. When we blend our ideas with your objectives, the result is, we achieve the goal. For every project, we push beyond the expected to reach its full potential. Because we want our clients to stand out.

Our approach is strategic and research-based. We work closely with brands to bring out their core messaging down to its most adoring, precise, and distinct form. The outcome always succeeds in pushing through the visual noise.

An Agency Tailored For You

Creanada delivers beautifully crafted projects with passion. Through hard work and dedication, we succeed in delivering projects that are equally loved by our clients and the ultimate target audience. We help you bring your business to life and make its identity concrete in the most visually captivating way. Creanada helps in shaping visual identity for any organization.

Our work stands as a testament to the passion and talent of our team. The diversity of our portfolio, from oil industries to culture and media, represents our out-of-the-box thinking and innovative approach. Through collaboration, we create innovative ideas and designs that bring results.


Everything is created with
Passion and Purpose

We create & build brands, roll out campaigns, and craft exquisite designs with passion and strategic thinking. 

Designers and creatives at Creanada have the answer!

Q: Why Creanada?
A: Our unique approach to work

ADNOC Excellence Awards 2018 winner

Nada was part of ADNOC’s rebranding exercise and was leading the brand guideline creation and design team throughout the ADNOC Group.

See What Stakeholders Are Saying

Nada is exceptionally talented and creative and most of all, she takes the time to work with her team as a unit, and share that information and develop those around her.

Lara Mansour Brand Manager - Group Communications - ADNOC Group

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Nada is an adept Account Director and regularly liaised with various senior stakeholders - from across the ADNOC Group - to ensure that projects were completed on-time and to the highest possible standards, overseeing the creative output of the in-house creative team and external agencies.

Alex Brown Vice President, Brand Management - Brand Management Division - ADNOC Group Communications

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Nada leads a project from A to Z and ensures that the projects are being delivered on time with the highest design output. She makes sure that she is developing and mentoring the design team in their understanding of the brand as well as their creative thinking in problem solving and design application.

Arun Girja Brand and Design Team Leader - ADNOC Distribution

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Nada is a highly trusted team member; whose work ethic is admirable. She always met her deadlines, and ensured input from all stakeholders in the development of all projects. She directly managed external designers and design interns, where her gentle and strong communication skills impressed all that were working with her.

Norah Al Khamis ICH Registrations Section Head, - Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi

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Our Clients

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